Feb 182014

We spent a week working for  Pertwee, Anderson, and Gold art gallery in Soho London building a human and horse skeleton for artist Dr. Viktor Schroeder of Germany. Big thanks to James Golding for making this happen and the spectacular support staff that made things go smoothly during or stay.

London 2014 041

Feb 072014

We have been working non-stop and it looks like the trend will continue. We are still filling anatomy orders from the American Association of Equine Practitioner’s Conference in December and have been inundated with work since! Just this January we have been off to the International Hoofcare Summit in Cincinnati Ohio, Bethany College in Morgantown West Virginia(equine limbs), Wayne County West Virginia(full skeleton), The University of West Virginia Evansdale Campus (full skeleton), and are leaving today for London England to build three skeletons for an art gallery in Soho. When we return we have a full skeleton to build for an art gallery in NYC and another full skeleton for the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. Pictures to follow!!

Oct 222012

We have just completed a full equine skeleton assembly at the Defence Animal Centre’s Army School of Farriery in Melton Mowbray England in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee. Her Royal Highness is an avid equestrian and it is fitting that this educational tool be given in her honor to such fine and dedicated military personnel. Farrier Major Robert Black-Wood was an amazing fellow in his dedication and assistance while we were there. He truly went above and beyond the call of duty the entire time we were there and we can’t thank him enough. His willingness to give so much of his personal time is evidence of his total dedication to the education and care of the staff and horses of the British Military. His every waking action is a true testament of what makes the British such fine and honorable allies. Hats off as well to Scotty, Woody, Ed, Jock, Rob who were always there to lend a hand and a smile. Lots of laughs and great converation were the order of the day.

Army School of Farriery, Melton Mowbray, UK October 2012

Spinal work

Feb 132012

We had a fabulous time doing an assembly clinic for our new friends at Locust Trace Agriscience School and Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic on the Lafayette County School grounds in Lexington Kentucky. The skeleton was a Thoroughbred that we brought with us from New York.