Our Skeletons


Carissa Wickens, Walter Varcoe on delivery day University of Delaware

Articulated Equine Skeletons

We offer the finest free standing, hands-on equine skeletal mounts available in the world. Our poses mimic the natural positions of the horse and allow real life comparisons for anatomical study. These mounts are durable, yet flexible, allowing for a very personal experience to the viewer. Our displays have traveled extensively and been touched by thousands of thrilled equine enthusiasts without breakage. If you want the very best in a real bone equine skeleton you have found your source. We offer custom poses that no one else would consider while concealing the unsightly framework seen on so many lower quality mounts.

Our mounts are being used all over the world in the field and in the classroom. From small foot and leg mounts to entire draft horse skeletons we can custom design a mount for your specific needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your projects!