Third Phalanx Pathologies


Right hind coffin bone with wing fracture

Here are some pathologies of the third phalanx or coffin bone/pedal bone. I end up amassing quite an array of photos of different coffin bone changes and thought some of you may find these interesting. I’ll be changing them periodically. The carpus is from the mare with the wing fracture and also the heavy lateral changes to the right fore coffin bone. The carpal fracture came first and then the painful weight bearing changes to the other limbs. The wing fracture is from excessive weight bearing on the left hind. I can’t imagine the pain this poor animal was is for the last years of its’ “rescue”. Good intentions from the humam but unfortunately for the horse the methods or experience in treatment were woefully inadequate.

Blown carpus of "Rescue mare"

Heavy lateral changes in third phlanx